Tony’s Plumbing and Drain Service is a fully licensed plumbing contractor. Our fully-qualified plumbers are available for large and small jobs. Call us to get your plumbing needs handled right the first time by a professional.

Rooter ServicesOur services include plumbing repair, rooter service, and sewer and drain cleaning. Have us perform line-location if you are planning any remodel or landscape jobs. Our specialized equipment like in-line video inspection systems ensure that we diagnose a problem quickly and accurately which saves you money.

Tony’s can help you with any home plumbing equipment you have from faucet repair and garbage disposal service to water heater and water softener installation and repair.

All of our work is guaranteed.


Tony’s Plumbing can rapidly respond to your blocked drains.  Let us get there before you really have a problem with flooding.  If you’re already flooded, we’ll wade in and obliterate the blockage so you can resume life ASAP.  We also provide preventative cleaning if you know you’re getting close to a full obstruction.  We employ the latest in technology and old-fashioned work to get the job done quickly and at the lowest possible labor cost.

Our line locating service uses sonar to detect where pipes have been compromised and are leaking. Yes, sonar! The sonar service drastically cuts diagnostic expenses and lets us quickly get to repairing the problem. You’ll spend your money on a solution not a diagnosis.

A lot of mysterious objects find their way in pipes. Roots, furry creatures, rings, and more. Our in-line video inspection service can quickly determine what’s causing your pipe obstruction or leak. We have a state of the art video inspection that’s good for up to 300 feet of pipe surveillance.

 Leaky faucets, broken handles, drip, drip drip. Stop the drips and save yourself aggravation and wasted water. A faucet repair is usually a quick, inexpensive service call that will restore your sanity.


Are you ready to dispose of your garbage disposal?  Imagine putting in a new disposal, or just getting a tune-up, and powering through the leftovers from each night’s dinner.  Does your disposal make a rattle?  Let’s us come out and look it.  Need a new disposal, no problem, we’ll advise on the toughest garage disposals for the money.

 You have lots of options when considering a new water heater these days. Tony’s Plumbing can advice on the right size and technology to solve your water heater problems — and we’ll secure it per California earthquake code, a must for those selling their home.


How many spots does your faucet have?  Is your drain calcified and grimy?  You might benefit from installing a water softener.  Tony’s Plumbing can visit your location, advise on softener options, deliver and install a new water softener for you.  We can also repair water softeners that are broken.


Is there a bad taste to your water? Tired of all the spots on your faucets?  Perhaps you should consider a reverse osmosis system.  Tony’s Plumbing can recommend a popular system and install it for you.  You can have cleaner water sooner than you think!