An independent local plumber serving Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas since 1997.

The most important plumbing connection is between the plumber and the customer.

I love my Surf City clients. My business is built mostly on word-of-mouth. Once people work with me, they usually call back. Clients become friends. I don't spend $10,000 a month on advertising, so I can keep my costs low. I believe low costs and skilled service keep my clients happy. I work with homeowners, vacation-home owners, landlords, and small business owners. Santa Cruz has such a strong commitment to local businesses, I don't know if I could be as successful anywhere else.

My Goals at Your Job:

1.) Get your plumbing problem solved quickly— I am the chief estimator and the chief plumber and can start right away after dicussing a fair price with you.

2.) Prevent additional expensive damage— water is the invisilbe destroyer of property and pocket-books. Small plumbing issues can get out of hand if not addressed correctly the first time.

3.) Sooth your frustration — Nobody plans on plumbing problems; they tend to pop-up at the worst time and truly interrupt our lives.

4.) Give you the feeling of getting a good deal — I am really fair with pricing and can dicsucss doing it right at the right price for you.

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